So Why Learn to Program With Go?

It’s 2018, everyone should know how to code at least a little bit! I really do believe that. No matter what industry you work in, technological literacy is going to become a required skill. You should at least understand how software works, and have written some code. So my goal with this blog is to teach you to program with Go.

So, then why should you learn to code with go? Why not learn to program using any other language? Well, you certainly could start with any other language, in fact, for the most part, there’s not a bad language to choose as your first language. There are already tons of courses and tutorials out there already for learning to code with javascript, PHP, or python. There’s nothing wrong with those languages or those resources. At least for the time being though there are fewer resources for learning to program with Go!

There are different kinds of programming, and different languages are a better fit for various tasks. The world needs web developers and that’s not going to change any time soon. The world doesn’t only need web developers though, and those other domains of programming shouldn’t just be accessible to first-time programmers by following the traditional computer science degree path.

My goal with this blog is to create a resource for first-time programmers to dive into the world of coding by learning to program with Go. Java could of course also fill this role, but while Java isn’t going away, I don’t think it’s the best starting point for new programmers of the future. Go has been gaining steady traction, has a (debatably) more open governing body, and the backing of Google. Go is a modern garbage collected language without the performance and resource overhead of a VM, yet is still a strongly typed and compiled language. If you’re coming here without any computer science background that all probably doesn’t mean anything to you (yet!) and that’s ok. The short of it is that for a variety of reasons in my opinion Go is a better systems programming language than Java and C++, so I’m writing this blog about Go!